15 invaluable laws to completely change your life - mastermind

15 invaluable laws of growth

A five week long mastermind

A mastermind group is a gathering of like-minded people who desire to
focus on and achieve their personal and business goals through the
study of a specific set of information and or material to improve their

The aim 15 invaluable laws of is to equip people who are stack in their lives, to provide tools on how to escape the rat-race.

Mastermind will enable you to access new collective intelligence. Through the benefits of collective experience, you will gain more courage to become a more influential leader in your own life.

You will be able to apply all collective knowledgebase at work or in personal life the very same or next day.

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Next Group Starts on August 29th 2022 at 8:00 AM UK time.




Here are just a few principles we will be covering.

  • The Law of awareness; You must know yourself to grow yourself.¬†
  • The law of the reflection. Learning to pause allows Growth to catch up with you.
  • The Law of environment. The growth thrives in conducive surroundings.

And many more …

What you will get;

  • Recordings to all 5 sessions (around 90 minutes long each) so you can listen them later,
  • Free downloadable copy of a workbook,
  • One hour long post training feedback call – conducted 2 weeks after the final session.


Baiba (Training programme coordinator):
“Typically after bad workshops and seminars my email is packed with complains. This time it was empty. I treat that as an excellent evaluation.”

Inga (Project leader – considering starting her own business):
“A lot of valuable insights; encouragement; experience; I was challenged to go out and start actually doing something and get out of my comfort zone.”

Anonymous (Opted out on including her name – GDPR):
“Janis told us a lot and encouraged us to express our dreams. He also took a great deal of responsibility for our dreams and involvement in them.”

About Me

Janis Janovskis | Speaker

Janis Janovskis is an internationally recognised motivational teacher, life and business coach delivering to projects all around the globe.

Ever since His early teenage years Janis Janovskis has demonstrated a great deal of insight, wisdom and persistence, he concurs with Viktor Frankl on the highest freedom ever given to humanity; to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.

He’s married to a gorgeous Latvian lady and a father of two beautiful daughters. His hobbies range from vine making to long-distance running; contributing to his studies of human potential and behaviour.

Janis is a fully John Maxwell Team certified TGOROW coach, trainer and speaker; backed by more than 15 years of experience in developing people and businesses across the globe.

Janis Janovskis | John Maxwell Team certified coach and trainer.